Patient Testimonials

I love Lucas orthodontics for plenty of reasons, but the biggest reason why it is so comfortable is because Dr. Lucas does a great job explaining the treatment and all of the steps that are necessary to achieve a better smile. Dr. Lucas is also very friendly with all patients who come to see him.

- Mathilde W-P.

As a single adult with a customer-facing job, the prospects of needing braces can be demoralizing. Dr. Lucas and the entire staff not only did a fantastic job of fixing up my teeth, but the braces were so subtle that many people didn’t even notice that I had braces at all! In particular, my situation requires some extensive work where timing was key for working with Dr. Lucas, an oral surgeon, and a dentist. They all communicated on a regular basis and adjusted their schedules as necessary to fit me in amongst each other as well as coordinating my work schedule. The office is warm and welcoming and so is the staff. It feels like you’re visiting your friends from the moment you walk in on day 1. I clearly am not hesitating to refer Dr. Lucas and the excellent work he has done on my teeth. Thank you Dr. Lucas, I truly appreciate all of your good work!

- Scott S.

Dr. Lucas treated both of my sons. Not only were we thrilled with the final results (as was our family dentist) but we also came to consider Dr. Lucas and his exemplary staff as our friends. The quality of care is outstanding and the personal attention is top notch. I highly recommend Lucas Orthodontics.

- Anne Z.

I was incredibly impressed with the friendliness, professionalism & knowledge that all of the staff possessed. I was seen immediately upon entering the practice. It is a warm and inviting environment. The Dr. and staff spent much time with me explaining all details of my treatment. I will definitely recommend to anyone I know. Keep up the great work!

- Gail S.

The staff at Lucas Orthodontics is so friendly and welcoming, the facility itself is really nice and Dr. Lucas really cares about giving his patients quality treatment in a reasonable timeframe. The environment in the office is never impersonal, even at your very first visit. As a patient, you are greeted warmly, well-informed and active in your treatments. It’s never just you sitting in the chair not knowing what’s going on. Dr. Lucas and his team always tell you what they’re doing and why they’re doing it from X-rays to rubber bands. So far, I have been very happy with my progress and overall experience with Dr. Lucas and his staff.

- Suzanne G.

We were referred to Lucas Orthodontics by our North Shore dentist (this was at the time when we were relocating from Wilmette to Arlington Heights). Our dentist said that he only gives out two recommendations for orthodontics –the orthodontists who keeps his business right next door to his office, and the other orthodontist being Dr. Lucas in Buffalo Grove (about 30 min away from our dentist office)! I asked our dentist which orthodontist he would send his children to if location was not an issue. He said hands down it would be Dr. Lucas because he likes the end results that he has seen on his patients better than the orthodontist next door. I think our dentist’s recommendation speaks for itself. Plus, now that my son has been under Lucas Orthodontists care since June 2013, I agree with our dentist’s recommendation. The business is very professional, the staff is super friendly, accommodating and informative, and I am so far pleased with the results and progress that I am seeing with my son wearing braces for under 1 year! I highly recommend Lucas orthodontics. An added bonus for us is that fact that Dr. Lucas and his sons play hockey, and so does my son! We like the similar connection & bond too!

- Maggie R.

Dr. Lucas did amazing things for my daughter’s teeth. When we started the process she had a significant cross-bite and through his care and treatment, she has a beautiful “movie star” smile. His staff is compassionate and professional and we highly recommend him!

- Jennifer P.

What an awesome office and staff. My daughter got her braces today and Dr. Lucas was super and the staff was so friendly and helpful. LeVon was great at checkout. I highly recommend Dr. Lucas for any orthodontic needs.

- Francesca K.

Lucas Orthodontists has provided excellent orthodontic services for my daughter. The extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff made everything from impressions to retainers easy and pleasurable. They explained everything to my seven year old and she was never scared to attend a visit. Her jaw has widened, her teeth are descending, and her smile is remarkable! Thanks Dr. Lucas!

- Jennifer R.

We love Dr. Lucas and staff! The office is upbeat and fun. We are always seen in a timely manner. I have seen many patients of Dr. Lucas’s and they all have beautiful smiles!

- Olivia L.

Was actually less than a 10 minute wait. We are always impressed by the friendliness and efficiency of the staff, as well as the professionalism and individualized attention provided by Dr. Lucas.

- B. Wilkens

A great family oriented and service oriented practice. Dr. Lucas has been very helpful in making dental decisions outside of his scope of practice as well. Thanks!

- Emily C.

The one thing I always tell people when they ask why we drive an hour to the orthodontist is that I trust him. As much as the distance becomes inconvenient I have never even considered going anywhere else. Thank you for the excellent care and honesty.

- S. Markee

Dr. Lucas has treated all three of my son’s orthodontic needs and we love him! I always appreciated how timely the office runs which is important when the kids are involved in after school activities. Dr. Lucas doesn’t put braces on to early or more than once, which saves time and money; again very appreciated. I have referred Dr. Lucas to all my friends and family!

- S. Plotnick

I am very satisfied not only with the quality of care my son receives, but with how invested Lucas Orthodontics is! I know that the treatment is not cheap, but one needs to remember you pay for what you get and I want the best for my son!

- Steven S.

I love the assistants and staff. Everyone is friendly and cheerful. Dr. Lucas is great and I love how he talks to my daughter about her teeth, not just to me. He has a way of making us feel comfortable and explaining in terms my daughter can understand. Thanks!

- Sophie W.

This was our first visit. I was so pleased with the services I received. The office had called our dentist and insurance company prior to our visit and we had just scheduled our appointment two days earlier. Dr. Lucas’s explanation of what was going to happen was excellent.

- L. McGhee

I thank you for the great care. Dr. Lucas is really an unbelievable doctor. So professional and detail oriented, the way Amanda’s teeth have turned around from being sideways is amazing. I am so happy we chose your office, your staff is great, and I will recommend you to as many people possible.

- A. Komp

The entire staff was wonderful. Very welcoming and answered all questions; very good at explaining what they’re doing and why.

- Jill S.

Thank you for creating a positive experience!

- Bekka G.